Friday, 17 July 2015

New setting thoughts

Working on a new setting.

Things I want in a setting:

1)The bronze age. There is not enough bronze age gaming.

2)Magic everywhere. Everyone has some sort of magic, and that is absolutely normal in setting.

3)There are gods, and they were important in setting up the setting, but they were all, also sentient beings who started out mortal scale in the setting. How can someone who only went through apotheosis yesterday have had a hand in building the world? The priests will tell you this is one of the central mysteries of being a god.

4) I want the magic everywhere in the setting to have an effect on the setting. I do not want a bronze age Greece and then magic added on. I want to spend some time thinking of the ramifications of the magic on the setting.

5) I want it to be a bit odd.

6) I want the path to godhood to be a known thing, and something anyone can potentially set out on. Essentially, the adventurers will be setting out on this path and that will be why they are a rag tag band of weirdos doing weird things.

7) I want the religion in the setting to matter.

Yes, I know that this reads a lot like I want glorantha, but I want something a little different and with more blank space and less lore for a new player.

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