Wednesday, 22 July 2015

[New setting] A scheme for increasing legend

So, since for the setting the thing the players are going is attempting to become a god, I thought that had better put together a proper system for that. So, here are my first thoughts:

There are a few tiers of being, and indeed of deeds; heroic, semi-divine and divine. When the players start, they are heroes and probably largely do heroic deeds. When they have done enough of these deeds, they con convert them into a deed of a higher level as the universe comes to recognise the deeds of the hero. Specifically, they need to get a set of deeds:

- 3 deeds related to what they want the higher deed to be. So, if they are a thief, they need 3 deeds related to thieving. The bulk of the story needs to be you proving that you can do the thing you are seekign a story about.
- 1 deed related to being defeated. Every mythic story should have the hero being beaten beaten so that they can triumph later. As such they need to be able to write in their story a time when they were beaten.
- 1 deed related to the gaining or losing allies. There has to be one deed that is related to interpersonal conflict. This is a good deed to be racking up in sessions focussed on other people's deeds.
- 1 other deed. Fill in what you like here!

When you have the 6 deeds you need, string them together for a more important and imposing story and then perform the rite that displays the deeds you have done to the universe. In doing so you then set up a new heroic deed that you have symbolically achieved. You cross the deeds you had off of your character sheet and then put the new, higher tier deed onto your sheet. I have ideas for what that will mean, mechanically, in terms of fate, but this is just a brief post. I will fill this the details in later.

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