Friday, 17 July 2015

Things I sometimes use

So the internet is full of useful tools. It is full of creative people. Some of them are good at demographics and cartography. I am powerfully shit at both of these things. They make useful tools for me, I share them with you and praise the people who made the tools.

Without further ado, here are some online tools for the more lazy person who wants to do prep. I am usually only the lazy half of this, but am experimenting with prep at the moment.

World generator, for the cartographically challenged:

Just got this thing, and it seems to be freely downloadable, and props to these guys. I mean it made this beauty for me just now:

Which if you can see it and zoom in has little pictures for what type of territory is on the map. Never again will I have to sketch a map and mess it up badly for a world! Thanks guys. Good jobs.

Speaking of maps... I also found a lovely little tool for making city and town maps. I am using it at the moment in a campaign, and it allowed me to produce maps in seconds that were not my usual mess of a style. It is availible freeware here:

(and honestly a bunch of places on the web)

and made these for me:

A little spaceport in a dome for my fading suns game

and a shitty village to be the source of problems in my WFRP game, complete with a broken down village pallisade and two roads! Count 'em.

I have also found the fantasy demography generator interesting:

These are recent tools I found to do stuff I am rubbish at. I hope you enjoy!

For clarity: None of this stuff is mine. I am taking it off of the internet. It is eaither freeware or creative commons license.

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